Love is Real

Oh boy am I done with January already! I need Spring… and I can’t lie, I’d really like to be having this baby and getting my lungs back, and to stop throwing up, and wetting myself. Just a bit longer, I keep telling myself.

I started redesigning my own brand last year when my dot com expired and it never quite came together as perfectly as I’d hoped. I hit a full on identity crisis around November and felt desperate for my ideas to come together – maybe some weird form of nesting, now that I think about it.

Redesigning my own brand is harder than helping someone else with their own. It’s murder actually. I know if I outsourced it to a fellow designer I would become worse than my own nightmare client so I keep it to myself and struggle really hard with it. I don’t know if I’ve ever been completely happy with my brand until right now.

A couple of years ago I started designing some digital scrapbook kits with a friend, which is actually one of my dream jobs. I love pattern and colour, and I love preserving memories and encouraging creativity. I was even contacted by American Crafts at one point and asked to come interview for a position on their graphic design team but it wouldn’t have worked out with Stuart being in school and of course with Autumn being my top priority.

Now, a couple of years later my brand fits me and I’m completely happy. I feel like I have something to really offer within my niche and it’s exciting! So here’s to 2015! Year of change and progress – bloom and blossom.

geo heart_frame_stamp


kitchen conversions print

Last week I had a friend send me a picture of a kitchen conversions layout that she loved but she wanted it to be cuter for her kitchen.

I put together a layout for her using the original print as the foundation but added my touch. It turned out pretty fantastic – she told me ๐Ÿ˜‰

Due to the level of customisation that can go into this print it’s normally going to be $25 for a digital print with your own colour specifications, title change, dimensions change etc. BUT for this week only I’ll customise it for you for $15. My treat ๐Ÿ™‚

C.S. Lewis

Boy, Oh Boy have we had a lot of things go on these past couple of months for me to have this quote on my mind a lot! Both sides of the coin have be in full view as we’ve witnessed beautiful moments (an incredibly happy adoption – that I actually first made this print for), and health issues (grow flowers, not tumors!) for a couple of family members that have had us praying our hearts out.

My motto has always been “No Regrets” and I can really say that the regrets at this point in my life are few. Now I’m working on leaving things behind, making an active choice to move ahead because there’s nothing in the past worth staying still for.ย 

All my Etsy listings have expired and I’m toying with the idea of leaving that behind until Christmas probably. I’ve been blessed with fantastic clients that are finding me through other avenues and I’m excited to continue down that road.

Happy Love Week!

Are you in need of a little extra something to give your love this Valentine’s Day? I’ve got you covered. Prints can be adjusted to card size, or hello! ANY size!
Your own personal timeline

Famous lovesย 

Mumford and Sons lyrics

Quote from Mitchell’s Journey

Say it like you mean it – the options for this one are endless!

Classic Valentine’s poem

You are my sunshine

An attitude of gratitude

The biggest lesson I’ve ever been taught came through years of waiting to become pregnant. It wasn’t until the end of those long 7 years that I finally got it, and then was blessed with Autumn. I was blessed with a new attitude and then with Autumn. I’m grateful for the trials that have shaped me thus far. I didn’t enjoy them, but I’m grateful for them nonetheless. Nothing seems as painful as all those years. Years that I survived and conquered.

Naming her Autumn is symbolic for me. Autumn is a new season, a season of thanks and final maturing. I feel like I was blessed with her at the beginning of the Autumn of my own life. Autumn is wholesome, a season of harvest, hard work; it’s golden and full of focus and blessings. I’m grateful for Autumn.

Today is a new day.

I used to have this quote hanging on my wall, typed on a blue piece of paper. It had been given to me as part of an institute lesson. The words have stayed with me every day. In fact, “No regrets” has been my motto for years. I’m not sure why it’s taken me so long to put it together into a print but it’s perfect timing and seems to really fit me today. I’m at a point where I’m incredibly comfortable with my design style. There’s something very exciting for me on the horizon and I’m willing and most importantly, I’m able to glean positivity from my experiences.

I struggled a bit at the start of the year especially with finding my niche. I really struggled seeing my quotes and ideas be taken and turned into something similar by other designers. For a split second I thought about quitting. I felt that having my work taken, redesigned and sold by other designers made me a failure. I’ve since come to realise that that is just part of the process. I am me. They are their selves. My output (artwork) is only a part of what makes Sugar Grenade me.

Don’t give up your daydream

As a dreamer, this is my motto.
I’m thinking this print would make a fantastic gift to pretty much anyone/everyone. I hate the idea of giving up on a daydream and I’ve been in the sad sad place where I’ve had to abandon a dream. Somehow, for me, luckily it’s always been temporary. The dream always comes home when I get hungry, and my door is always open.