An attitude of gratitude

The biggest lesson I’ve ever been taught came through years of waiting to become pregnant. It wasn’t until the end of those long 7 years that I finally got it, and then was blessed with Autumn. I was blessed with a new attitude and then with Autumn. I’m grateful for the trials that have shaped me thus far. I didn’t enjoy them, but I’m grateful for them nonetheless. Nothing seems as painful as all those years. Years that I survived and conquered.

Naming her Autumn is symbolic for me. Autumn is a new season, a season of thanks and final maturing. I feel like I was blessed with her at the beginning of the Autumn of my own life. Autumn is wholesome, a season of harvest, hard work; it’s golden and full of focus and blessings. I’m grateful for Autumn.


Photography: Kari + Lucas

I took Kari’s High School graduation pics in 2009 and today I got to take her and her husband’s college graduation pics. It’s pretty surreal quite literally watching someone grow up like that – and the fact that they’ll be graduating college before Stuart-education-addict does… for the last time.
Kari 2009
Kari + Lucas 2013

I’m excited to design their graduation announcement too!

End of Summer Sessions

When we were out last night on our 4 mile expedition through our neighbourhood golden hour was so yummy that I had to put this Summer Photo Session package together to take advantage of what summer has left to offer. Below are the details, with the added bonus of reserving your 2013 Holiday Card for free.

If you’re in or near Ogden, UT this is for you. I’ll be in Marysville, WA August 21-25 and might also be able to set up a couple of local sessions then.

Soraya + Zizou

I got to take pictures of these two yesterday before they leave me for Virginia. I won’t lie, I’m pretty bitter about it but whatever. Go on and have a fantastic roadtrip and live in your cute 3 bedroom house far, far away from me. Whatever. Pffft!

Anyway! Soraya is high energy and almost 3 years old. It was good practice for me – I wasn’t sure I’d be able to capture any pictures of her because I’m not exactly high energy. But I did it. I captured her good.


Headband by My Miss Priss Boutique

This little woman is getting really big really quickly – she’s almost 19 months old now. She’s saying new words every day and is practicing little gestures and expressions every minute. When I want a somewhat smile from her I’ll ask “where are your teeth?” but today she said “cheeeeese”. She’s a cheesy lady!

Family Photography: The Fry’s

I’ve never really dived into the world of Family Photography because I feel like I’m too laid back. I don’t like ¬†giving direction and am most comfortable just snapping away. It’s up to the family to tell me when they’re done etc. because I could go all day! Remember, I have never claimed to be a professional at this but I do really really really love taking family photos! If you can handle my casualness it’s all good, and if I may toot my own horn I’d say it’s even worth it.

If you have a dreamy patchwork quilt like the Fry’s I’ll happily trade you a session for it! Who’s ever heard of a photographer without a quilt?!