Allow ME to help YOU!

Guys, just because your school gives you a graduation invitation package doesn’t mean you should take it! I was blown away by how horrific the official Idaho State University graduation invite was – I’m 97% sure it’s not even designed by someone with a degree in Graphic Design.

The fact is that you’ve earned a diploma. You’ve worked long and hard for it! Don’t let an ugly, unprofessional invitation represent your proudest moment. Do not allow these to be stuck to the fridge of your loved ones! You deserve better.

Much much much better.

And I can give it to you.


Order Packages: Weddings and Baby Showers

I love a package order. Usually they come for Weddings or Baby Showers. Wedding packages include things like the invitation, an RSVP card, a save the date, directions and gift registry info. Baby Shower orders usually include the invitation, place cards, bingo cards, and water bottle labels. I love it all. I love creating coordinating items and tying all the colours and elements together.

Don’t be late…

I was commissioned to create a vintage (not Disney) themed Alice in Wonderland party invitation for a Little Princess. It took me a bit to get the composition worked out to fit all the words in but I love the final design – and I got a sneaky peek of how the invitation will be sent out. They’ll be fit for a Princess.

Custom invitations: Yo Gabba Gabba

Some of the first (way back when I was still using a free trial of photoshop) graphic design work  I received was through my sweet friend, Laurie of designing custom birthday party invitations for Yo Gabba Gabba fans. Laurie was enthusiastic and encouraging back then when my work looked like this: 

That’s what 10 bucks’ll get ya! Yikes. I never claimed to be a graphic designer then, ok?!

My layouts and concepts got better over time, thank goodness and I learned to create my own backgrounds and *ahem* shapes, and such.

Getting better, right? I probably made all of those layouts together faster than my very first one. My degree in Graphic Design helped a lot with that too…

This client wanted this design specifically which meant I got to take things to the next level and created the silhouettes (vectors) from scratch, shape by shape.

Learning, learning, learning and loving it. Hopefully you appreciate the prices I charge after seeing what $10 will get you.