Brickyard Buffalo: Chore Cards

On Monday you’ll find my punchable/stampable Chore Cards for sale on Brickyard Buffalo! Supplies are limited so you’ll want to hop on them fast if you’re looking for a little something extra to help keep Chores zesty this could be it for you. Here’s a few ways they work…

* Pair them with a current chore chart
* Decide together what the reward is OR
* Make each punch worth a certain amount $
* Make multiple complete cards redeemable for something amazing
* Put a time limit/expiry date on each card to teach kids time management skills
* Work together as a family to help kids reach their goals – teach them you’re not responsible for the consequences – read my friend’s blog post on the money system she uses with her kids to understand where I’m coming from with this point – “The consequence can be the bad guy and I can be the sympathetic parent.