It’s been a pretty cool month for me business-wise. Since taking Jasmine Star’s INSTA180 course my kids have both started sleeping properly through the night – I know there is no correlation between these two events but together they are the recipe for my being able to work a little at night and get back into the swing of things with networking and creating, and sleeping! Balance, beautiful balance.

The Jasmine Star course made me realise really how saturated the online universe is with creatives – photographer and graphic designers especially. It takes focus to cut out your own space within this niche, which I really enjoy doing. Most of us want to help each other and that’s really nice. Everyone wants the same thing though and to stay on top you need to offer something a little different than everyone else at that moment.

I’ve also joined an app community called Collabor8 which is home to brands and influencers, giving them the opportunity to connect and set up a collaboration. It sounds fantastic but in reality it’s a tool for entitlement. The collaboration requests come flooding in and once you get started you realise the majority of “influencers” are only interested in anything you can give them for free; as soon as you mention a price for your services they disappear. Bummer for them because their branding could often use some help. Overall, Collabor8 is probably a good place for people starting out, who could use some hollow exposure.

It’s been a fun month of growth including feeling confident enough to approach brands that can use my services. So far it hasn’t hurt to offer and the collaborations have been fantastic and they’re brands that I fully support. Bonus!


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