Project Dream Life

If you go to my family home you’ll find a closet in the front hallway that has two huge filing cabinets full of photographs. On top of those cabinets is some small file boxes also full of photographs. Above those there is a small set of shelved cupboards that holds a few more boxes of photographs and bunch of albums. My family home contains decades and decades worth of photos and they’re not organised. The task is so daunting that it will likely never be taken care of.

In 2011, the same year I graduated with my degree in Graphic Design, I came across an incredibly innovative system of scrapbooking called Project Life by Becky Higgins – if you haven’t heard of this journaling concept you need to check it out. I put one of the core kits on my Christmas wishlist that year. I gave birth to Autumn exactly one week before Christmas and thought it would be fantastic start to recording her life. I received the core kit but no album or pockets. At that stage of our lives, which lasted right up until now, there was never any space in our budget to invest in even printing photos. A sweet friend who also loves to record memories sent me a set of photo pockets to use and left it to me to get the album and prints.

Way before I started school for my degree in Graphic Design I picked up digital scrapbooking, which led me to photo editing, and tshirt design, and invitation design, and absolutely everything else I’ve worked on. It all began with digital scrapbooking.

As I’ve followed Becky Higgins LLC I’ve thought about my core kit and my photo pockets, and as we’ve moved from house to house, state to state, switched schools, grown our student loan debts etc. I’ve never felt comfortable with starting a new hobby. I’ve never been in a place where I’ve had energy enough to do more than I’ve been doing. That is, until now. Last week I splurged and bought photo credits from Persnickety Prints and what I need from Project Life to finally start putting together my album!

Part of the fascination I have with the whole Project Life concept stems from my mild obsession with someday designing a core kit. This is what I’m working on now, pulling ideas together, building my resume, and gaining steam to achieve this. I feel like I’m a place in my life where I can finally focus enough to fulfill some of my own personal dreams on the side of helping my kids fulfill theirs… I gotta set an example right?



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