Hi Flyer

I mentioned before that I took part in Jasmine Star’s INSTA180 marketing group a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t learn anything I didn’t know already but it gave me the boost I needed to start giving my social media outlets the attention they need in order to be the useful business tools they can be.

I got a little cheeky yesterday and sent a message via instagram to a potential client and let her know, “hey, you’ve got super serious skills in what you do, and I have skills in what I do. I want to help you with what you’re doing.”

The spontaneous interaction went well and I spent yesterday communicating and creating with Julia Ladewski – Strength and Conditioning Coach an eyecatching new flyer for the 12 week course that she’s coaching starting on the 15th of August.


If you’re a business owner and you’re on the fence about hiring a graphic designer to help you with your branding – logo, flyers, social media elements etc. it’s important that you see it as the investment it is. Professional branding will set you apart from the rest. Just as you have the skills in what you do, a graphic designer has the skills to portray your image to your target audience.

If you’re looking to get serious about your health go check out Julia’s site for this Back to School challenge she’s hosting.

AND if you’re serious about your branding, shoot me an email and we can talk options!



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