3 types of client

I typically have 3 types of client – and I love them all equally!

The first is the one who comes to me and says, “I love your style, just do whatever.” This one usually involves the least redrafts but the most nail biting in anticipation to hear if they still love my style.

The second will say something like, “I’d like some like these designs but with this aspect from this, and the colour scheme of this etc.” They provide a descriptive brief sometimes with links to other layouts/elements they like. They have specifics and are excited to have an original layout with their ideas mixed in with mine. This client likes to collaborate.

The third client I get is a little more rare, and is a mixture of those first two. This client comes to me with a specific idea along with their own drawing. It’s always a surprise to have a drawing attached to a brief!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Whichever way my clients choose to communicate their projects to me the outcome is always better than we both imagined 🙂



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