Happy girls.

Is there anything more dreamy than a big bed with nice clean white sheets on it and lots of warm natural light streaming in the windows? If you add two zesty little girls to this scenario it does get dreamier…

There are a lot of pictures of me as a little girl with sun bleached hair, looking over my shoulder and trying to smile for my mum as she took my picture. I can still hear her voice as I’m trying to take Autumn’s picture – “smile!… with your teeth!… ok, close your mouth. Look at me – AT ME!… hey! stop moving… ok. We’re done. I’M DONE!” It’s the same script, and the pictures that come out of it give me a false sense of security that next time won’t end in me sweating and feeling like a crazy lady!

I hope my girls will always be confident enough to have their picture taken; that they’ll recognise that happy inside looks like happy on the outside. And that happy girls have something valuable to give this world.


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