About me.

I’m taking part in Jasmine Star‘s 7 day Insta180 Challenge on Instagram. The day 1 challenge was to write a personal intro to our followers on instagram – something I put off as much as possible but buckled down and did it… it took me two days to wrap my mind around it; such a struggle! I think and think and think and think and get really analytical about what my purpose is, who I’m hoping to work with, who I’m targeting etc. I never really know so I went for a walk; a real slow walk as I tried to get Piper to nap and I started to think way back. Basically, why is my “about me” section always blank…

Who I am.

I was voted “Best Dressed” one year in high school even though I never wore my own clothes – hand-me-downs from my older brother! The next year I was voted “Most Laid Back.” Those two things are me. I’ve never had a disposable income. I got married at 19, immigrated and then went through 10 years of schooling adventures with my husband, working in the summer in the warehouse of popular backpack brand putting price stickers on all their back to school inventory, moving from state to state over the years. Of the 12 years we’ve been married we’ve been on a tight, student budget without a place to call our own. Always in between.

I like to think I’m “the people’s designer/blogger/photographer.” At the very heart of it I strive to be efficient in my work, and affordable. I have a serious soft spot for brides because when we were married we had the teeniest budget. I handmade our invitations- they were pre-pinterest awful, we had NO photographer and that is one of my biggest regrets. I would literally do anything in my power for brides in order to make their wedding what they’ve imagined – better than they’ve dreamed! If I can make an invitation or announcement for someone who’s in between I’ll do it in a heartbeat and I’ll make it more fantastic than they’ll have hoped for.

I have a lot of wedding invitations in my portfolio. I love the design briefs that bride’s give. They each have their own inspirations and they’re always creative. Whether it’s a rainbow woodland handfastening, a request for caricatures of each member of the wedding party, or rustic-cactus-saint george desert landscape themed like Paige and Kyle’s below, I am all over it!



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