Grandparent gifts

Twice in the last month I’ve been stopped in the supermarket when I’ve been with Autumn and had older couples tell me that the best thing about being a parent is becoming a grandparent. I smile and say, “it gets better than this?!” as I’m tugged and swung on by my curly haired, cheeky 4 year old 🙂

granny and papagrandparents


Holly Hobbie | Susie Sunbonnet

When I was little my mum sewed my sisters and some other girls our own towel with our names on them. My towel is long gone but I remember it, the pink bubble letters that spelled out my name in the corner, curved over a sweet little appliqued Holly Hobbie. I have 2 girls of my own now and decided to put together my own template and sew up a towel for Piper.


piper jade

Client Favourite: Family Tree

2 copy


I think it’s safe to say that these family tree prints are received well 100% of the time. I’ve made so many different versions for small families, big families, extended families, multi generations, blended families and the versatility never ceases to amaze me. It actually makes me giddy seeing how customisable these are.

Snag a spot on my waiting list so I can make one for you for Mother’s Day. You’ll be your mum’s favourite 😉


The Adams’ 2015

We started the year in our little house in South Ogden, Utah anticipating and very excited for so many events that would happen within the first few months of 2015.

We welcomed baby Piper Jade into our family on the morning of our 11th wedding anniversary. She was born at Arrivals Birth Suite in South Ogden after months of potential complications due to my high blood pressure, excess amniotic fluid, my inability to eat anything etc. She was born healthy, and right on her predicted due date. And our family is complete.

In May Stuart graduated from Weber State University with his degree in Computer Science, thus ending his 10 years of higher education shenanigans. No more school for this guy! We started his networking and job applications earlier in the year and they proved to be a success. He landed a fantastic job at Silhouette America as a developer which meant we would be moving house very shortly.


The Sunday after graduation Piper was blessed at our church. We celebrated both occasions afterwards with a small group of friends and a few family members. We really appreciate the friendships we made in Ogden and have enjoyed keeping those relationships going since we moved.


We needed to find a new place to live pretty quickly, which is not fun with a newborn, and it wasn’t the first time we’d moved with a newborn either – it doesn’t get more fun the more you do it! We came down to Vineyard to check out a place to live but it wasn’t right for us. Feeling a little defeated we decided to try one more place, and it worked out. We packed up and moved down to Saratoga Springs within a week and had another week until Stuart started his new job.

March through June are a blur. June was Autumn and Crosby’s half birthday, our last get together with friends before we handed in our keys at the old place. July brought evenings are the pool, along with Stuart’s birthday and Saturday’s at the local aquarium. Lots of settling in and getting used to our guy being gone all day.

August, September, October were filled with settling into our new home, doing fall crafts, dressing up and preparing for the festive season ahead.

Autumn spent the last few months of the year counting down until her big 4th birthday, “Halloween, Mum’s birthday, Thanksgiving, MY BIRTHDAY! and then Christmas.”

For her birthday we spent the day with our friends who came down from Ogden and surprised her at the aquarium. She shares her birthday with Crosby and we love joining forces to celebrate their special day.

This year we’ve really enjoyed having people visit us – it’s one of our favourite things about living in Utah. We’re grateful that people take the time to come see us and visit, and we’re looking forward to more of that in 2016.

2015 was an amazing year for us, it’s one for the books. This new year we have some goals that we’re very excited about attaining – it’s the first year in our almost 12 years of marriage that Stuart doesn’t have any school to go to! It’s a very special year!