After the pink lines

I sat in the bathroom thinking, “well… that’s never happened before.” I sat and felt like I was on the verge of fainting. “This is what that feels like…”

I stood up and walked calmly down the hallway knowing that Stuart would think I was joking when I told him the news.

He looked up from the computer and I said, “I’m pregnant.” He sat there and I said, “is this how you want to always remember this moment?”

He stood up and we hugged for a long time. It was weird.

I was almost 12 weeks pregnant – had practically missed the whole first trimester, which was a blessing in disguise because the next 2 trimesters were full of throwing up, weight loss, and terrifying bleeding episodes.

Our families were surprised and excited for us. We were surprised and excited too and then we realised we didn’t have health insurance, we didn’t have any money, Stuart was realising he didn’t actually want to be a Chiropractor anymore. Things got a little messy.

The first thing I did was look into health care. People had said that if you pay out of pocket you can get quite a good deal at hospitals. Something just didn’t sit right with the idea though.

I don’t remember exactly how the idea of having a homebirth came about but I remember not being onboard with it entirely. The idea of a midwife was appealing but not having a baby in a hospital? What are we, pioneers?

A quick google brought up a few local midwives. I emailed one.


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