The story of Autumn

We were married in March of 2004 and decided in the October that we wanted to start trying to grow our family. It took us 4 years in Rexburg, Idaho – 1 degree in biology, and 1.5 years in Hayward, Calfornia – half a chiropractic degree, plus my degree in graphic design; 7 years of marriage total before we were able to have a baby.

I was in the last semester of my degree when I started to feel really sick. I was exhausted, emotional, and lonely. Stuart was going through a hard time deciding what to do – quit Chiropractic and start over, or lump it. It was a stressful time. I would cry when he left for school, and cry when he got home. It went on for weeks. I had no appetite and couldn’t stomach much. Won ton soup, a fortune cookie telling me that a pleasant surprise was in my very near future.

One day Stuart suggested I take a pregnancy test. I thought he was being cruel. Those things never turned positive for me no matter how much I wanted it. We had decided recently that we were done even trying. We would get through the next year and start saving up and traveling; being our own family without the lingering, “maybe this month” in the back of our minds. It was time to move on and to be happy with how things were.

I remember going along with the plan to take the test just to get it over with – to start dealing with the depression that follows the “not pregnant” on the unapologetic stick. We got one from Safeway and came home. I went to take the test and Stuart sat down at the computer.

Instantly there were two pink lines.



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