Autumntober: Day 4

Very regularly people will comment on Autumn’s hair. I’m often asked if I curl it myself. It took her 3 years to even grow hair and when it came in this was what it was like. I don’t curl it. I don’t even brush it. It terrifies me. When it gets crazy we spray it with water and maybe put a little hair milk in it to calm it down a little bit. Her hair is crazy and fantastic.

The other comment that usually comes with, “do you curl it yourself?” is “she looks like Shirley Temple!”

On the morning of Day 4 a friend posted on my facebook wall that she had just watched a Shirley Temple film and thought of Autumn. Perfect!
shirleyIt blows my mind seeing a teeny Shirley Temple sing and dance. I can’t fathom how a child that age is taught or able to focus like that… I seriously just told Autumn to take her straw out her nose.


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