SHEnanigans: an intro to Autumntober

Back when my husband was going to Brigham Young University – Idaho I was was blessed to become friends with a creative, expressive, free-spirit named Megan. She had a energy that drew everyone to her, which kind of intimidated me as an introvert.

One day she asked me if she could take my picture. That day awakened my love of photography, a talent my own mother possessed and practiced on me as a little girl. Enjoying having my picture taken by Megan surprised me – to be comfortable in front of the camera instead of awkward and embarrassed. It was magical – why not enjoy it? Why not enjoy seeing pictures of myself? Why not have fun and then see how that looks in a photo?

We decided to invite more friends. From there SHEnanigans became “a thing.” In a short time we had a group of girls who would meet up, dress up as a theme and we’d take pictures. It was girls taking a break from studies, taking care of kids, escaping stresses and worries for a few hours. It was therapy.

The group continued to grow. Stuart graduated from BYU-i and I wasn’t ready to let go of the creative outlet. I took SHEnanigans online, created a facebook group and ended up with groups of women around the world taking part in our photoshoots every month. We chose themes, set dates, invited friends, took pictures and uploaded them every month. We had 700 followers. The group was booming and then I began to struggle…

You can read more here about the group
See the photos here on the facebook group

This year I have an almost-4 year old, Autumn who loves to dress up. She is funny and sassy. I used to take a lot of pictures of her but she started getting a bit over it and I decided to leave it for a while. Since her baby sister, Piper Jade was born I’ve tried to find things we can do together whilst Piper naps, we’ve read books and done crafts, which to be honest are what we’ve always done, so I don’t think they felt like anything different than usual, or what she needed.

This month we started doing some dress ups. I show her pictures on pinterest and she chooses what she wants to dress up as. I never intended for it to go more than once or twice but at this point we’ve done 7 days straight of #Autumntober. It’s a mini reincarnation of something that brought me so much joy back at BYU-idaho with my friends.

I wanted to introduce this concept to you because if you’re a creative soul that doesn’t have time to sit down to do your crafts without little people running amuck this may be something you’ll enjoy.

It takes little to no planning, a few eyeshadows and hair pins, and fulfills something that we both need. It’s one-on-one time for us both, it’s a creative outlet for me, and it’s fun for her. Pictures to follow 🙂


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