Love is Real

Oh boy am I done with January already! I need Spring… and I can’t lie, I’d really like to be having this baby and getting my lungs back, and to stop throwing up, and wetting myself. Just a bit longer, I keep telling myself.

I started redesigning my own brand last year when my dot com expired and it never quite came together as perfectly as I’d hoped. I hit a full on identity crisis around November and felt desperate for my ideas to come together – maybe some weird form of nesting, now that I think about it.

Redesigning my own brand is harder than helping someone else with their own. It’s murder actually. I know if I outsourced it to a fellow designer I would become worse than my own nightmare client so I keep it to myself and struggle really hard with it. I don’t know if I’ve ever been completely happy with my brand until right now.

A couple of years ago I started designing some digital scrapbook kits with a friend, which is actually one of my dream jobs. I love pattern and colour, and I love preserving memories and encouraging creativity. I was even contacted by American Crafts at one point and asked to come interview for a position on their graphic design team but it wouldn’t have worked out with Stuart being in school and of course with Autumn being my top priority.

Now, a couple of years later my brand fits me and I’m completely happy. I feel like I have something to really offer within my niche and it’s exciting! So here’s to 2015! Year of change and progress – bloom and blossom.

geo heart_frame_stamp


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