January 2015: LDS Visiting Teaching message

I had a really hard time choosing a couple of parts that stuck out to me in this months message because it all was so perfect. The first talk I gave in Sacrament meeting as a youth was on Obedience. I love how basic a principle it is but how much there really is to it – check out the From The Scriptures section at the bottom of the message. I love it.

Hopefully the little bits of the message that I chose resonate with you too and you’re able to use this.

vt_jan 2015_green
Download 4 prints on 1 page here.
Download brown 5×7 here.
Download teal 5×7 here.


4 thoughts on “January 2015: LDS Visiting Teaching message

  1. I love your handout and the parts of this month’s message you decided to focus on.
    Great job! Thank you for sharing your talent.

    • Thank you so much! Some months real specific parts jump out at me but this month the whole message was a little different to me. I decided to pick a kind of “preface” for the message.

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