Custom LDS temple prints

Over on my facebook business page I asked what kind of things you remember hanging on the walls of your childhood homes. I asked because I’d been thinking about my mum’s talent for cross stitch and the frames filled with her handiwork. My mum is also talented at knitting – she’s been doing it since she was 3 years old; knit her first adult sized sweater when she was 10. She taught us how to knit and how to do cross stitch but they never stuck with us enough to grow into anything spectacular. Dying arts.

One thing she cross stitches are customised temples with the name of the couple, the date of the sealing etc with the temple they were sealed in. Something that looks to me to be pretty complex and would take me years to complete. Using my own talents I’ve come up with my own version.

Preston_Adams textured

ustom temple anniversary prints are available upon request. Email me for more info. Perfect for giving as a gift and for your paper anniversary!


Love is Real

Oh boy am I done with January already! I need Spring… and I can’t lie, I’d really like to be having this baby and getting my lungs back, and to stop throwing up, and wetting myself. Just a bit longer, I keep telling myself.

I started redesigning my own brand last year when my dot com expired and it never quite came together as perfectly as I’d hoped. I hit a full on identity crisis around November and felt desperate for my ideas to come together – maybe some weird form of nesting, now that I think about it.

Redesigning my own brand is harder than helping someone else with their own. It’s murder actually. I know if I outsourced it to a fellow designer I would become worse than my own nightmare client so I keep it to myself and struggle really hard with it. I don’t know if I’ve ever been completely happy with my brand until right now.

A couple of years ago I started designing some digital scrapbook kits with a friend, which is actually one of my dream jobs. I love pattern and colour, and I love preserving memories and encouraging creativity. I was even contacted by American Crafts at one point and asked to come interview for a position on their graphic design team but it wouldn’t have worked out with Stuart being in school and of course with Autumn being my top priority.

Now, a couple of years later my brand fits me and I’m completely happy. I feel like I have something to really offer within my niche and it’s exciting! So here’s to 2015! Year of change and progress – bloom and blossom.

geo heart_frame_stamp

Logo: Stitches By Cole

I have a soft spot for small business owners. I love and respect the bravery and vulnerability it takes for an individual to take the leap of faith to produce a product that’s come from their heart and represents their core, their best skill and talent.

I put together a business package for Stitches By Cole that includes a logo, facebook cover, etsy banner, and business card. Nicole knew the kind of logo she wanted, which I love in a client! She also had colours in mind, and to top it off was open minded to me adding my own touches.

Logo progression:

stitches by cole
Final logo:
stitches by cole_business card_front


At the end of last year I had the exciting opportunity to create an elopement invitation for a close family friend – I first met her when she was teeny and I was a young, surly teenager.

The whole project was exciting and a total honor to put together. Thanks to Pinterest we were able to put together some layout ideas and build the final top secret invitation and RSVP card from there.

Here’s the progression of the rough layouts to the final polished files.

he loves her_she loves him
i do_we did_1
shizz copyFinal files:

he loves her_1
Wedding packages are amoungst my most favourite projects. I will do my absolute best to do anything to make planning and creating go smoothly for brides because our wedding was such a shambles!

January 2015: LDS Visiting Teaching message

I had a really hard time choosing a couple of parts that stuck out to me in this months message because it all was so perfect. The first talk I gave in Sacrament meeting as a youth was on Obedience. I love how basic a principle it is but how much there really is to it – check out the From The Scriptures section at the bottom of the message. I love it.

Hopefully the little bits of the message that I chose resonate with you too and you’re able to use this.

vt_jan 2015_green
Download 4 prints on 1 page here.
Download brown 5×7 here.
Download teal 5×7 here.