A few years ago when we lived in California, I was going through a really rough patch. I had always dreamed of living in California and it just wasn’t how I imagined it would be. I wouldn’t call it a dream come true. Whilst there and towards the end of getting my degree in Graphic Design I started getting really sick for no explainable reason – *spoiler alert* turned out I was pregnant, something we’d been working on for roughly 7 years. I had no idea, and had actually given up on having kids at all at that point.

This particular evening I was in the home of a member of my congregation for a women’s activity and breakfast for dinner. Breakfast for dinner is something I can’t not post about in the retelling of this story because I remember how much I just wanted to devour the whole table of chocolate chip pancakes. I wanted the keep eating and eating and I had NO idea why!

Chocolate chip pancakes aside, the activity we had that evening was so simple and so precious. It changed me when I didn’t plan on changing – if you continue reading my stories you should know I make plans even though I know it’s a joke to. My plans rarely go to plan. The detours come and things work out great but it’s never to plan.

The activity was led by the mother of one of the women. We sat in the family room, on a huge, comfy sectional couch with our bellies full of pancakes as this wise mother read to us from the Book of Psalms. She opened the book and just read.

At that point in my life, during that rough patch it was the most therapeutic thing I could have ever wished for. So unexpected and so perfect.

she shall not be movedTell me, do you have a favourite verse in Psalms? 

Ever experiences unexpected comfort?