custom parks maps: USA + Canada

Customise your own map for your own family and your own adventures! 

kitchen conversions print

Last week I had a friend send me a picture of a kitchen conversions layout that she loved but she wanted it to be cuter for her kitchen.

I put together a layout for her using the original print as the foundation but added my touch. It turned out pretty fantastic – she told me 😉

Due to the level of customisation that can go into this print it’s normally going to be $25 for a digital print with your own colour specifications, title change, dimensions change etc. BUT for this week only I’ll customise it for you for $15. My treat 🙂

Community: #redballoonsforryan

When I was putting Autumn to bed last night after she’d fallen asleep with her head on my lap whilst watching The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh, like she does most nights, I couldn’t help thinking back over the day. My heart was full. We have such great friends, a great support system. Toddlers who are funny little friends to my little toddler. We live in a great place where they can play pretty freely. Echos of the happy squeals from throughout the day rang in my mind. The happy sounds I’ve waited years to hear filled my ears, the scenes filled my mind. My heart happy. Knowing there would be sound sleep last night because of the magic of the day. And that we’d get up and magic would happen again…

My instagram feed is full this morning of heartbreaking (is there a stronger word?!) news of the absolutely tragic accident that’s left a mothers arms empty, a fathers arms empty. Hearts shattered. I can’t fathom although my mind wanders to that pitch black, dark place and it hurts beyond anything I can even imagine.

In the spirit of helplessness and community, that we’re all a part of, the only outlet I’ve found in these situations is to create what I can and put it out there with hopes it will add to the comfort of knowing there are people who care. People who have never met but who care. Mother hearts that are broken for another.

This is my contribution.

A symbol.

Prayers, thoughts, tears and love to you @babyboybakery + @Danno12