Visiting Teaching: April 2014

I just got my first Visiting Teaching assignment in years and I’m excited to focus on the message each month – I found that creating this months message as a print has helped me literally focus on each individual word. Focusing is a serious weakness of mine while I’d say creating is a talent. Creating the message has miraculously helped me focus, absorb, and feel these words.

Download your free 5×7 print in these 2 colourways from here: April 2014 Visiting Teaching Message

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this message. I really loved it.

In youth we regularly had object lessons on repentance and our worth etc. Usually someone would chew up a piece of gum and then liken the chewed up gum to being morally unclean. The lesson was always disturbing to me. Basically there was no hope. If you made a mistake you were like a nasty piece of chewed up gum and nobody would ever want you. You can’t unchew it. You can’t straighten it out and repackage it. Not only will it never look like new, it’ll always just be gross.

Repentance is absolutely not that way. Our worth is absolutely not that way. Heavenly Father NEVER sees us that way. It’s an incredibly poor example of a misunderstood concept. Those kind of scare/guilt tactics have no place within our gospel. I feel like this months message illustrates it perfectly.


C.S. Lewis

Boy, Oh Boy have we had a lot of things go on these past couple of months for me to have this quote on my mind a lot! Both sides of the coin have be in full view as we’ve witnessed beautiful moments (an incredibly happy adoption – that I actually first made this print for), and health issues (grow flowers, not tumors!) for a couple of family members that have had us praying our hearts out.

My motto has always been “No Regrets” and I can really say that the regrets at this point in my life are few. Now I’m working on leaving things behind, making an active choice to move ahead because there’s nothing in the past worth staying still for. 

All my Etsy listings have expired and I’m toying with the idea of leaving that behind until Christmas probably. I’ve been blessed with fantastic clients that are finding me through other avenues and I’m excited to continue down that road.

Allow ME to help YOU!

Guys, just because your school gives you a graduation invitation package doesn’t mean you should take it! I was blown away by how horrific the official Idaho State University graduation invite was – I’m 97% sure it’s not even designed by someone with a degree in Graphic Design.

The fact is that you’ve earned a diploma. You’ve worked long and hard for it! Don’t let an ugly, unprofessional invitation represent your proudest moment. Do not allow these to be stuck to the fridge of your loved ones! You deserve better.

Much much much better.

And I can give it to you.