wedding package

It’s always a pleasure to be asked to create wedding invitations. When a client comes to me with a couple of ideas and a colour palette and tells me to go for it I love it. There’s no surer sign of trust than that and I really appreciate it! I put my all into everything I do and I guess it shows! I have the absolute best clients.

I have a real soft spot for wedding clients because my wedding was nothing like how I’d have liked it to have been – the important parts were spot on (AKA the husband) but the dream parts were thrown out the window due to our tiny budget being eaten by immigration and flights so I could come home with my groom. It was ok back then but looking back I am pretty sad that it wasn’t what I’d have liked. We had no photographer, no professional cake – just one bought from the local supermarket, my dress was the cheapest one with sleeves, invitations were a complete mess and handmade by me, there were no decorations… it wasn’t awesome.

It’s a complete honour to put together dream designs for brides and I do absolutely everything I can to make them perfect. 


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