Family Rules

There’s nothing more fun than a custom project that you know is going to take pride of place in someones home. Family rules, quotes, or a family tree. I love them all!


Giveaway: Valentines Print

If you’ve spent any time on the Sugar Grenade Designs facebook page this past month you’ll have noticed I LOVE Valentines Day. We’ve had a couple of really fun giveaways already and this one is going to be great too.

Here’s what’s up for grabs:

A custom “You + Me =…” digital print. Winners will get to choose the style of the print (chalkboard, solid, colourblock), the fonts, colours etc. It’s completely custom and will include their chosen sum.
ie. You + Me =  Forever

Here’s how to win:
Get on over to the Sugar Grenade Designs facebook page and respond to the Giveaway status with your equation, THEN tag the person it relates to.

Enter as many times as you’d like but only tag each friend once.

Receive 1 entry for each friend you tag and complete the equation for. (You can post the same equation more than once but tag a different friend.)

Winners will be chosen and notified on the contest status this afternoon.
Have fun! (extra points if you make me laugh 😉 )

Happy New Year, Folks!

I love the idea of a fresh start. I usually make my goals in November when it’s my birthday because that’s my very own new year. I try them on and make them official come January. Last year Balance was my goal and I feel like I really succeeded in finding balance with family, work, home etc. It was a fantastic year.

This year I want to continue refining my design style. I’ve had brilliant projects that have helped me figure myself out. I’ve had boosts in confidence when clients return to me with their projects, when they share with me that something I helped them put together has touched family members, when they say “I didn’t realised that this was what I wanted! I love it!”. My goal this year is to hear more of those words. To keep going, keep creating and evolving and loving my job.

“may your chimney always smoke” – a Scottish wish of good fortune.