Today is a new day.

I used to have this quote hanging on my wall, typed on a blue piece of paper. It had been given to me as part of an institute lesson. The words have stayed with me every day. In fact, “No regrets” has been my motto for years. I’m not sure why it’s taken me so long to put it together into a print but it’s perfect timing and seems to really fit me today. I’m at a point where I’m incredibly comfortable with my design style. There’s something very exciting for me on the horizon and I’m willing and most importantly, I’m able to glean positivity from my experiences.

I struggled a bit at the start of the year especially with finding my niche. I really struggled seeing my quotes and ideas be taken and turned into something similar by other designers. For a split second I thought about quitting. I felt that having my work taken, redesigned and sold by other designers made me a failure. I’ve since come to realise that that is just part of the process. I am me. They are their selves. My output (artwork) is only a part of what makes Sugar Grenade me.


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