Etsy: Trick or Treat bags

I love Halloween a lot. I love that people don’t complain about it being too commercialised like they do about every other holiday. Although, I think if more American’s experienced a British halloween they’d probably complain because British Halloween, particularly Scottish halloween because I’ve never had an English one, is the best.

In order to get a treat you have to do a trick ie. tell a joke, recite a poem, do a little dance.

I’m getting Autumn’s costume ready and can’t help but be so excited. I anticipate she’ll catch on quickly to the power of the phrase “Trick or Treat”. She doesn’t need any candy as it is, and therefore doesn’t need a big Trick or Treat bag. Etsy has an amazing assortment of bags! Here’s a few of my favourites.

Seller: KelliMontgomery $15

Seller: TweetiePieProducts $5
Seller: SweetRepeatVintage $6
Seller: Otoodlesshop $8
Seller: SisterOnions $7.50

There are so many options on Etsy – I was finding it hard to stop sharing. Go search “trick or treat bags” for yourself and see.


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