Today is a new day.

I used to have this quote hanging on my wall, typed on a blue piece of paper. It had been given to me as part of an institute lesson. The words have stayed with me every day. In fact, “No regrets” has been my motto for years. I’m not sure why it’s taken me so long to put it together into a print but it’s perfect timing and seems to really fit me today. I’m at a point where I’m incredibly comfortable with my design style. There’s something very exciting for me on the horizon and I’m willing and most importantly, I’m able to glean positivity from my experiences.

I struggled a bit at the start of the year especially with finding my niche. I really struggled seeing my quotes and ideas be taken and turned into something similar by other designers. For a split second I thought about quitting. I felt that having my work taken, redesigned and sold by other designers made me a failure. I’ve since come to realise that that is just part of the process. I am me. They are their selves. My output (artwork) is only a part of what makes Sugar Grenade me.


i support handmade!

I’ve been trying to think for a while of something I can do to help encourage people to buy from small businesses this holiday season. I’ve done it for a few years and always have loved the experience – the personal touch that vendors add to packages etc. They go the extra mile and I’m more than happy to have my hard earned cash go straight into their pockets rather than some huge corporate fat-cat’s pocket. Our economy needs that more than ever right now!

So here is my idea. Starting on November I would love to have enough vendors join me in my endeavor and help me host a huge giveaway. Depending on how many I can get together, there could be multiple giveaways. Every vendor that joins me will donate an item or store credit. There will be linking, and posting, and commenting, and sharing galore!

This will be a fantastic way for vendors to network, gain traffic, followers, and sales.

If this is you or you know someone who could use this please share this info with them. This will be awesome for everyone!

*You must have a blog, website, facebook business page, or other social network outlet set up to participate as a vendor.

Etsy: Trick or Treat bags

I love Halloween a lot. I love that people don’t complain about it being too commercialised like they do about every other holiday. Although, I think if more American’s experienced a British halloween they’d probably complain because British Halloween, particularly Scottish halloween because I’ve never had an English one, is the best.

In order to get a treat you have to do a trick ie. tell a joke, recite a poem, do a little dance.

I’m getting Autumn’s costume ready and can’t help but be so excited. I anticipate she’ll catch on quickly to the power of the phrase “Trick or Treat”. She doesn’t need any candy as it is, and therefore doesn’t need a big Trick or Treat bag. Etsy has an amazing assortment of bags! Here’s a few of my favourites.

Seller: KelliMontgomery $15

Seller: TweetiePieProducts $5
Seller: SweetRepeatVintage $6
Seller: Otoodlesshop $8
Seller: SisterOnions $7.50

There are so many options on Etsy – I was finding it hard to stop sharing. Go search “trick or treat bags” for yourself and see.

Don’t give up your daydream

As a dreamer, this is my motto.
I’m thinking this print would make a fantastic gift to pretty much anyone/everyone. I hate the idea of giving up on a daydream and I’ve been in the sad sad place where I’ve had to abandon a dream. Somehow, for me, luckily it’s always been temporary. The dream always comes home when I get hungry, and my door is always open.