Autumn’s sweet, we call it Fall…

Is there a time of year that you miss “home” more than ever? I miss Autumn in Scotland. As summer comes to an end I get a little homesick, having not had an Autumn in Scotland for almost 10 years now. I miss the nights drawing in, I miss the rain, Halloween, homemade soup, racing home out of the cold, smokey chimney pots, damp air, street lights reflecting off puddles, being “in for the night”, the smell of clean clothes on the radiators. The list goes on. I love it and miss it a lot – maybe so much that it played a factor in naming Autumn, my baby… Autumn.


2 thoughts on “Autumn’s sweet, we call it Fall…

  1. My family has always been quite a transient bunch. We seemed to move every 3 years or so. Which means I never have one place that I could call home, until I moved here to the Saint George area. When we come home from vacation I feel the sense to longing to get home sooner because when I see the mountains open up and a view of my city opens up I just feel happy because I am home. So for the first time in my life, I truly have a place I can call home.

  2. Scotland's so small and the scenery/climate doesn't change much place to place that it's easy just to call Scotland home but Utah mountains, Washington trees, Oregon ocean etc is all a totally different story. There's little bits of each place we've lived that become “home” for me.

    It's a special thing to have a “home” 🙂

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