Etsy: HeartsInc

Onesie and headband by Hearts inc 
Photo by Blue Lily

We hadn’t had family pictures taken with Autumn until she was 9 months old – actually we hadn’t even had family pictures taken just the two of us until we’d been married for 7 years. We didn’t even have a photographer at our wedding – huge regret.

Hearts Inc took this order last minute from me and got it to me really quickly. Talk about a lifesaver!


Logo: Beyond Chiropractic

I love to witness my projects progress through their awkward phase and blossom into something my client loves. In this case Dr. Sarah Gigliotti (a friend from our stint at Chiropractic School) loved the idea of a little landscape (trees inparticular) but also had a thing for round design – I can’t lie, I have a thing for them too.

Etsy: LolaBeanClothing

Ruffle Romper by LolaBeanClothing

I love Valentines Day. I love everything about it. I love the commercialisation of it. I love that we can buy love for people in the form of heart shaped boxes and red, stretchy-armed monkey stuffies. I love it so much.

I love it differently now I have Autumn to dress up in ruffles and beads for the occasion. Valentines Day has got a lot cuter and less kitsch, and I love that too.

Autumn’s probably going to hate it.

Photography: Kari + Lucas

I took Kari’s High School graduation pics in 2009 and today I got to take her and her husband’s college graduation pics. It’s pretty surreal quite literally watching someone grow up like that – and the fact that they’ll be graduating college before Stuart-education-addict does… for the last time.
Kari 2009
Kari + Lucas 2013

I’m excited to design their graduation announcement too!

Postcard: Santa Cruz

Moving to California in 2009 was a dream come true for me – that’s a phrase I’ll always use when talking about living in California. I’m not sure that there’s a more exciting and fun place than the Monterey Bay area. Although it was only an hour from where we lived in Hayward, CA it felt like we’d traveled to the land of Summer Holiday, which is pretty magical 😉

Etsy: Spare Time Crafts & Secret Blossom

Bow: Secret Blossom
Tshirt transfer: Spare Time Crafts

I’ve had the pleasure of doing some graphic design freelance work for the midwife that delivered Autumn in our home in California. The experience was beyond anything I ever expected. It was so calm, chill and spiritual. I never imagined that we would have the opportunity to ever confidently place all our trust in a healthcare provider. It was meant to be. We love Treesa!

At the moment we’re working on raising awareness to those especially in California regarding the laws surrounding Midwifery and the threat that Midwifery is currently under. You can find out more by checking out the California Families for Access to Midwives facebook page and help fight for our right to birth however we please.

The tshirt: My friend Kizzie makes custom vinyl for window decals, tshirts, crafts etc. You name it she makes it. She first made a Dalek sticker for Stuart to put on the back of his phone so he’d stop losing it so much – it worked! Last week I created and ordered a “my midwife helped me out” design for Autumn to wear. Kizzie worked her magic and it arrived in my mailbox in no time, ready to be ironed on. I think it looks pretty great. I was actually surprised by the quality of the iron on. This isn’t that papery stuff I used in my youth!

Find Kizzie on Facebook and Etsy.

Buy your “My midwife helped me out” transfer here!

Etsy: FoxyLittleThing Lamb Hat

I am a HUGE supporter of handmade! That being the case, and the fact I have 11 pages worth of Etsy purchases (WHAT?!) I want to start spotlighting some of my favourite sellers and items.

I love supporting the-little-guy and I also love tradition. For Autumn’s first Easter I bought her a handmade lamb hat with floppy ears. For her second Easter I had to do it again because the first time it was so cute and I couldn’t resist. I actually can’t resist anything with ears. It’s a struggle. Shoes with ears, hats with ears, hoodies, cardigans, pjs…

Hat by FoxyLittleThing

Autumn’s sweet, we call it Fall…

Is there a time of year that you miss “home” more than ever? I miss Autumn in Scotland. As summer comes to an end I get a little homesick, having not had an Autumn in Scotland for almost 10 years now. I miss the nights drawing in, I miss the rain, Halloween, homemade soup, racing home out of the cold, smokey chimney pots, damp air, street lights reflecting off puddles, being “in for the night”, the smell of clean clothes on the radiators. The list goes on. I love it and miss it a lot – maybe so much that it played a factor in naming Autumn, my baby… Autumn.