I can!

I’m a strong believer in personal empowerment through a good solid mantra. I believe in the Power of Positivity!

Here’s a free printable for you to celebrate positivity. It’s 8×10, and meant for printing, framing and then using a dry erase marker on top to fill in the blank. Keep it by your mirror, computer, bed, or if you’re like me and sometimes need an extra boost you’ll keep it by your hand weights…

Download here

Download here

If you do print it, frame and use it I’d love to see what you write on it and where you put it – take a pic and share on the Sugar Grenade Designs Facebook page.

{I’ll be combining some lifestyle posts here on the new Sugar Grenade Designs website because I’ve realised by compartmentalising things so much that I’m kind of confusing myself. I am Sugar Grenade Designs, which means there will be more Autumn, more of my healthy living, more recipes, more design etc. being infused into the site. Get ready!}


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