summer tshirts!

Here’s a gander of what I have in store for you this summer!
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Thank you, Mister Dahl.

I’m not sure if I know anyone who isn’t familiar of some of Roald Dahl’s work. His stories shaped the childhood of me and my tiny classmates. Magical stories of Marvelous Medicines, Giant Peaches, Witches and mice, Chocolate Factories and Glass Elevators, little Matilda – books that we read over and over again. Along with the stories are the illustrations of Quentin Blake, equally familiar and instantly recognisable. They now trigger some powerful nostalgia – smells of the classroom, plastic lunch boxes, scratchy squares of carpet on my legs during story time, wishing the clock would slow down so we could read the next chapter before home time. Little did I know the wisdom Roald Dahl was instilling in us back then.¬†
Very sly, Mister Dahl.