Stop it.

I do love a good inspirational, smartly worded quote:



I have fitness goals that I’m constantly working on and recently just banded a bunch of my friends together who are working on the same things – there’s strength in numbers, don’t you know? As I bounce up a pound and down a pound and don’t quite hit that one last pound keeping me from getting to my first full 50 lbs lost I get more determined to get there – exercise a little harder, eat a smidgen better etc. I came across this quote and thought it would be perfect for hanging by the mirror, or even by the fridge as a little reminded not to get discouraged. I love how it can be applied to anything.
If you’d like a copy of this 8×10 for $20 (customised colours if you’d like) let me know and I’ll create a listing for you on Etsy, print it up and ship it to you.

Fresh start.

Two thousand + twelve has been extraordinary so far for me. I’ve had a lot of time to think about directions, where I’ve come from, where I want to go, how I want to get there etc. So, starting now Sugar Grenade is about lifestyle more than freelance. I want to make things that uplift and beautify. I want to make prints that your children will remember hanging on the walls of your home. I want to inspire, uplift, and motivate, and I want to talk about it as I go.


Autumn’s birth story pics courtesty of Photographic Memories by Melinda.